💐❣ Current Affairs 18 September💐❣

1. In September 2020, an international team of astronomers discovered which gas in Venus's atmosphere?
Ans. Phosphine

2. Who launched the e master role to pay wages to workers?
Ans. Government of Odisha

3. The government has formed a 25-member team for the shoe and leather industry for a period of 2 years. Who is the chairman of this?
Ans. Rajkumar Gupta

4. At which award ceremony did Meera Nair receive the Jeffrey Schol for Impact Media Award?
Ans. TIFF Tribute Award

5. Kapila Vatsyayan died in September 2020, it belongs to which field?
Ans. Art, Indian classical dance
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6. Amitabh Ghosh died in September 2020, he was related to which field?
Ans. banking system

7. Who appointed legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador?
Ans. Paytm first games

8. Which city is going to have a new terminal building at Veer Savarkar International Airport soon?
Ans. Port Blair

9. When is World Patient Safety Day celebrated?
Ans. 17 September
10. How did India rank in the latest edition of the World Bank's annual Human Capital Index?
Ans. 116