1-The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and Petroleum Minister have inaugurated a compressed biogas plant. It is a joint venture between Germany’s Oil tanking GmbH and which Indian company?
A) Essar
2-What is the amount which will be raised by the Uttar Pradesh government for working on the 340-km Purvanchal Expressway?
A) 1,250 crore 
B) 2,000 crore
 C) 850 crore
 D) 1,500 crore 
3-Iran has issued an arrest warrant for which among the following world leaders?
a)Donald Trump 
 b)Vladimir Putin
 c)Xi Jinping
 d)King Salman
 ANS: Donald Trump 
4-According to S&P Global Ratings, India’s economy may contract by _______ per cent in FY21
A) 2.5
 B) 3
 C) 5
 D) 4.5
  ANS: 5
5- Name the Chairman of International Cricket Council (ICC) who has stepped down from the post? (1) Shashank Manohar 
(2) Dave Richardson 
(3) Manu Sawhney
 (4) Rahul Johri
 Ans: Shashank Manohar
6-M Narendra Modi has removed his account from which microblogging website?
1) Weibo
 (2) Twitter
 (3) Instagram 
(4) Facebook
 Answer -Weibo
7-When did the new Stamp Duty rules come into effect? 
(1) June 15th
 (2) June 1st 
(3) June 29th 
(4) July 1st 
 Answer - July 1st
8-The ‘Dream Kerala Project’ has been launched by the state for .
(1) Youths 
(2) Women Entrepreneurs
 (3) Farmers 
(4) Expatriate
 Answer -Expatriate
9-.3) Which among the following South Asian nations has placed its bid for the 2027 Asian Cup?
 (1) India
 (2) Pakistan 
(3) Nepal 
(4) China
 Answer - India
10-Who has been Appointed as the Chairman of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP)?
a. Urjit Patel 
b. Raghuram Rajan 
c. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary 
d. JP Nadda
Answer -Urjit Patel